You've Been Accepted to the Bible School for the Nations (Jan. 2020) 


Welcome to YWAM Morelia!

We are excited to announce you have officially been accepted to participate in the January 2020 BSN! By joining us for this next season, we really believe you will be changed by all that God does in your life. We are excited about the students God is bringing together for this school, knowing He has some amazing plans for you. Expectations are high for what He is going to do IN and THROUGH you.

With Blessings!

Daniel & Katie Holmberg
BSN Leaders



During DTS, we include the following tools and teaching methods as part of the course:

LECTURES: We spend a minimum of 12 hours in lecture each week covering topics such as:

  • Nature and Character of God

  • Hearing God

  • Prayer & Intercession

  • Foundational Beliefs of Christianity

  • Relationships

  • Evangelism

  • Biblical Worldview

  • Motivation for Missions

  • Bible

  • Study Holy Spirit

  • Spiritual Warfare

  • Returning to Your Church

ORAL PRESENTATION: Each student will be required to present a 3-5 minute message on the character of God.


OUTREACH PREPARATION: Some afternoons will be given to preparing for outreach either in our individual teams or as a class. Preparation will most likely include music, drama, testimony preparation, cultural information, evangelism, etc.

SMALL GROUP MEETINGS: One afternoon a week there will be small group meetings where students and staff members will have a chance to share needs, discuss the lecture content and minister to one another.


INTERCESSION GROUPS: This is an immediate way to become involved in world evangelism. Intercession times will take place a few mornings each week to learn to hear God’s voice and to intercede for the nations.


REQUIRED READING: Book reports must be completed and turned in by the dates given during the orientation. Books required for book reports will be provided for you through our library check out system. The first book required, which we recommend you read before you get here, is “Is that really You, God?” by Loren Cunningham.


JOURNAL: During orientation you will receive a DTS journal. The weekly journal will be an important tool to record God’s faithfulness and your personal growth. It is a requirement to successfully complete DTS.


WORK DUTY: Each student will be assigned a work duty and work for approximately 10 hours a week on the campus. Work duties are as much a part of the discipleship process as all other school curriculum and provide an opportunity for you to serve.


COMMUNITY MEETINGS: Each Thursday, our entire campus plus people in the local community gather to worship and hear from a gifted speaker. All students are required to attend.

OUTREACH: As important as the Lecture Phase is to the DTS, the Outreach Phase is where you have opportunity to put into practice all you have learned in the classroom. The successful completion of the outreach is a requirement for the DTS in order to graduate.



Lecture Phase: 

In Montana, you’ll be living in a Dorm that sleeps up to four people per room (if you’re single). The rooms aren’t huge, but you’ll probably discover that you can make it feel comfortable. When you arrive, you can purchase supplies in town or bring the following with you:

  •  Twin Sheets and bedding (this is provided for Internationals outside North America only)

  •  A Pillow

  •  Towels and washcloths

  •  Laundry bag and supplies

  •  Personal toiletries

  •  Water bottle

  •  Any personal items you’d like to make your living space more comfortable, i.e. Photos, books,etc (FYI: Each student has their own pin board on the wall.)

  •  As a school we’ll be providing most of the materials you’ll need. However, there are a few study items you’ll want to bring for yourself:

  •  Bible

  •  Pens/pencils

  •  Notebook

Please Note: Families should bring toys/books for their children.


The dress code on campus is casual. Weather in the Fall and Spring varies from warm to cool to cold, and Winter is cold and snowy. Please pack accordingly, and remember to bring suitable clothing for church (churches in our area are also pretty informal).

Our campus is home to many people from different cultures around the globe. Out of respect for everyone, we want to make sure we dress
appropriately cross-culturally while here in Montana. Please be mindful when packing and refrain from bringing low-cut tops, shirts revealing your mid-section, tight fitting clothing and short skirts.


Outreach Phase: This will vary according to your outreach destination. Remember — the more you bring, the more weight you have to carry, and the more clothes you have to wash (and it is not unusual to do your washing by hand on outreach, especially in third world countries). Bring along some nice clothes for church, such as dresses or skirts for women, and nice slacks for men. Shorts are sometimes acceptable for days off, but during ministry times we ask that you dress nicely. Some countries require dresses for women, and dress pants for men. You will want to bring a modest bathing suit.

On outreach we allow students to bring one checked bag (50 lbs or less). We recommend a large backpack that allows your hands to be free to assist with team luggage that you will be assigned. Bringing a suitcase is not practical considering most of the locations we go to. You should also have a small daypack or equivalent as a carry-on. Also consider bringing a few special items to make your cross-cultural experience more comfortable. We travel light on outreach.

  •  Passport (valid for at least 1 year from start of DTS)

  •  A small sleeping bag—this has to fit IN your pack, so the smaller, the better

  •  A sleeping pad—usually Thermarest brand or equivalent—It has to fit in or on your pack as well

  •  Travel pillow, inflatable or otherwise

  •  Flashlight, batteries

  •  Water bottle

  •  Travel-sized toiletries

  •  Insect repellent, sun screen, hand sanitizer , chapstick w/ SPF

  •  Thin towel and washcloth

  •  Contact lenses & eye drops (enough supplies to last you through outreach)

  •  Travel mirror

  •  Prescriptions, vitamins

You do not have to bring all of these things to lecture phase, the majority of this can be purchased in town before heading on Outreach.

Additional clothing and supplies will depend when and where you go on outreach. Your Team Leaders will give you packing lists and talk about clothing needs when you find out your outreach location.

NOTE: US students should know that overseas voltage is 220.


In an effort to help you feel familiar with who we are, we thought it would be helpful to communicate in advance some of the policies and guidelines we feel necessary to implement in your program. The Discipleship Training School is a unique opportunity for you to dedicate five months of your life in pursuit of God. To help you gain the most from your time here, we endeavor to create a loving, God-centered atmosphere. The following are an attempt to create a structure in which we can joyfully live and work together.

Late Evenings Should you leave the campus from Sunday – Thursday we ask that you return no later than 10:00 PM. On Friday and Saturday, please return by midnight. If for some reason you need to be out later than the hours designated, please ask your small group leader.

Weekends If you intend to be gone overnight on a weekend, please clear it with your small group leader in advance to avoid conflicts with special events. Some weekends you will be involved with school-related activities.

Church During your DTS, we ask that each student attend a local church. You may have 3 weeks to visit various local churches before making a decision to attend one of those for the remainder of DTS.

Smoking and Tobacco We do not allow smoking anywhere on the campus, this includes E-Cigarettes due to strict insurance policies. If you use tobacco products of any sort, you should discuss your plans to quit with the school leader over the phone prior to coming. Though it may be legal in your state, smoking or having Marijuana is not allowed during your time here at YWAM Montana (this includes your outreach and debriefing week). Illegal drugs are also prohibited during your stay here in Montana.   Concerning tobacco, it is best for you to quit before you come. If you do not quit before the start of the school, then we will walk through this process with you over a 30 day period of time. If you do not truly want to quit, or if after 30 days you are unable to abstain from tobacco, then outreach may not be an option for you.

Alcohol consumption is not permitted at anytime during the DTS course on or off the campus. This includes outreach and the debriefing week.

Fasting Once a quarter, our campus has a time of prayer and fasting during the lunch hour. On these occasions, lunch is not served in the cafeteria, but you will be able to obtain food later at the snack bar. Fasting is not mandatory, but we highly encourage you to participate in this spiritual discipline with us.

Dating/Relationships During the DTS, we encourage students not to get involved romantically. We feel DTS is a unique time for each individual to work on his/her relationship with God. Our heart is that there be as few distractions as possible so you can keep your focus and receive the maximum that God has for you.


One of the unique features of the DTS is the ‘live/learn environment’. Not only are students learning in the classroom, but are surrounded by each other for much of the day which provides a lot of opportunity for discussion and application.

In the ‘DTS Dorm’ students are challenged to appreciate different cultures and personalities in their living environment. Singles share a room with two or three other people of the same gender. There is a women’s and men’s bathroom on each floor. For some, the challenge of living in community is greater than for others. Learning to respect the personal space and preferences of others is a mark of Christian maturity, and we want to challenge our students to grow in this area.

Meals will be provided in our cafeteria 3 times a day. If you have a special dietary need you must fill out the enclosed form including a medical referral, or your need cannot be considered. We always have a fresh salad bar and bread with lunch and dinner. Rice is often available as well. Breakfast includes your choice of cereal, fruit, and something hot.


As DTS staff, we seek the Lord each quarter for God’s direction in where to send our teams. Each DTS usually has 3 to 4 teams going out and you will be given the opportunity to pray about which location you would like to minister in based on the choices we give you. You can begin now by asking God to give you a heart or even pictures of where you should be ministering.

As you might expect, preparing to travel overseas takes a lot of planning and thought. Here is some information to help you personally prepare as much as possible:

PASSPORTS AND VISAS: All students and accompanying children need to have their own passport before they arrive at YWAM Montana. (If you do not have it before you arrive, you must already have your application mailed off!) We start applying for visas to our out- reach locations shortly after the school begins. Passports need to be in good condition, valid (not expiring) for at least one more year beyond the start of the DTS, and have enough open pages for visas to be entered. You will be required to cover the costs of your own travel visa. This cost varies depending on the outreach country, ranging from $25-$250. We will apply for this visa as a group after you have chosen your outreach location.

OUTREACH INSURANCE: Outreach insurance is covered in the cost of the school and already included in your tuition fees (there is no discount if you already have overseas coverage).

SHOTS AND IMMUNIZATIONS: Immunization costs are the responsibility of each student. They are not mandatory, but are highly recommended for your own safety and health. Tetanus and Polio should be updated before arriving. Typhoid, Hepatitis A & B are common requirement for most nations, and are also easier and generally cheaper to obtain before arriving in Montana. If you need additional shots that are specific to your outreach destination (such as Yellow Fever, etc), you can make an appointment with the health dept. here.


Upon acceptance, you should send in a $550 deposit to hold your place in the school. Without this deposit, your spot in the DTS will be given to another applicant should the school become full. The deposit is refundable until 2 weeks prior to the start of the school after which point only $250 of it becomes refundable. You must be prepared to pay the balance of Lecture Phase tuition during the first week of the school as well as $1,800 of your outreach fees. If this is not possible, we recommend you postpone your DTS until our next semester. The remainder of the outreach fees are due by the end of week 8.

Any student who will not be able to pay full tuition and fees upon arrival must call the school leader at least two weeks prior to the first day of classes to discuss his/her financial situation. If you have been promised support (monthly or otherwise) from a church, friend or family member that will be applied to your tuition at a date later than the first day of class, a letter of commitment must be given to the school leader who should be made aware of this arrangement prior to the start of the school. In other words, we are asking you to trust the Lord to provide your needs before the beginning of the school. All payments must be made in U.S. currency.

All personal expenses incurred during your involvement with Youth With A Mission are also your responsibility, so some allowance for extra expenses should be considered in your planning.


Lecture Phase: $3,400

Outreach Phase: $3,350

Total: $6,750

**Any tuition increase will be communicated by DTS Leader prior to or upon acceptance


$550 – Upon Acceptance

$4,650 – First week of DTS

$1,550 – Week 8

$6,750 Total



Occasionally in our training programs, a student will decide for various reasons not to stay until the end of the school. In rare cases, a student will be asked by the school leadership to leave the school and return home. Our intentions for writing this policy are two-fold: one, to give students a clear understanding of the many financial areas that tuition covers; and two, so that there is a pre-designated refund amount.

In order to keep our YWAM training schools running, there are various expenditures that must be made, several of which are incurred prior to the students’ arrival. Student tuition fees cover school supplies, lodging, meals, transportation costs, guest speaker travel and honorariums, utility bills and other related expenses. Should a student’s involvement in the Lecture Phase end early, the following schedule would apply.

The charges would cover advance volume purchases of food, supplies, etc. The amount listed below would be the sum refunded if the student terminated involvement within the designated time periods. Students are personally responsible for all travel expenses in the event that he/she leaves the Lecture Phase or Outreach early, whether for personal or disciplinary reasons.

Up to the end of 1st week . . . . . . . . . . . 64%

Up to the end of 2nd week . . . . . . . . . . . 54%

Up to the end of 3rd week . . . . . . . . . . . 45%

Up to the end of 4th week . . . . . . . . . . . 38%

Up to the end of 5th week . . . . . . . . . . . 32%

Up to the end of 6th week . . . . . . . . . . . 26%

Up to the end of 7th week . . . . . . . . . . . 19%

Up to the end of 8th week . . . . . . . . . . . 13%

Up to the end of 9th week . . . . . . . . . . . 6%

Up to the end of 10th week . . . . . . . . . . 0%

Pre-payments of outreach fees will be refunded MINUS any nonrefundable ticket charges for change or cancellation. No outreach fees will be returned for early departure from outreach.


All fees are payable in U.S. currency only

Lecture Phase: $3,400 USD

Outreach Phase: $3,350 USD

Total: $6,750 USD

The deposit and tuition may only be paid in cash or check. We are not able to accept any form of credit card or online payment.

If you do not have enough money to cover your lecture and outreach phase you need to contact the school leader at least 2-weeks before the first day of Lecture phase to discuss a plan of payment.

A $550 deposit needs to be paid at least 2-weeks before the first day of Lecture phase to secure your place in the school. This payment leaves your balance at $6200. The deposit is refundable until 2 weeks prior to the start of the school at which point only $250 of it becomes refundable.

Additional Costs 

In addition to tuition and fees, you should plan on being able to cover these additional expenses:

Spending Money: Any personal items or extra snacks will be your own responsibility. We have a snack bar on campus that lures most latte addicts!

Laundry: Our campus is equipped with a small laundry facility at the cost of $0.75 per washing machine (includes detergent) and $0.50 per dryer. You will also need money for any additional laundry supplies. Bring a laundry bag with you. (pg 16)

Room & Mail Key Deposit: During the first week of the Lecture Phase you are required to pay a deposit to receive a room key and mail key. This is not optional. You should bring $20 check or cash with you to cover this expense, and will receive these keys on the first day. You will get your deposit back at the end of Lecture Phase when you return both keys.

Housing Deposit: During the first week of the Lecture Phase you are required to pay a housing deposit. This is not optional. You should bring $50 check or cash (separate from the $20 key deposit) with you to cover this expense. You will get your deposit back at the end of Lecture Phase only after passing inspection to ensure the room is in its original condition and there are no broken or misused items that the deposit would be held to cover as your responsibility.

Travel Visas: You will be required to cover the costs of your own travel visa. This cost varies depending on the country, ranging from $25-$250. We will apply for this visa as a group after you have chosen your outreach location. (pg 20)

Immunizations: Immunization costs are the responsibility of each student. (Please see information about immunizations on page 20.) If you need shots after you arrive we will take you to the local health department where you can pay to receive your shots there.



During your stay here in Montana, your mailing address will be:

Your Name (DTS)
501 Blacktail Road
Lakeside, MT 59922

All shipping companies deliver to this address (i.e. U.S. Postal Service, UPS, FedEx)


Computers with free internet access are available in our library. There is also a free wireless internet connection available all over the campus so if you bring your laptop computer or tablet you will be able to connect if you have wireless capability.


If for some reason someone is unable to reach you in the dorm and would like to call the office of if there are questions that need to be answered by campus staff, the office phone number can be used (8:30am-5pm Mon-Fri)


1(406) 844-2221 FAX: 1(406) 844-2690


*In emergencies, the staff will contact the school leader immediately



YWAM Lakeside, Montana is an amazing place! As of August 2010, we had run 359 schools. We have seen over 5,200 people trained and sent out into short-term missions, we have over 160 full-time staff and have sent over 470 outreach teams to 93 nations. We offer the following training schools and programs:

Discipleship Training School

School of Biblical Studies

New Testament Greek

Old Testament Hebrew

Biblical Seminars

Titus Project

Renewed School of Worship

The Well

Audio Production Course

School of Dance Studies

Directed Reading Course in Biblical Studies

Foundations in Community Development

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Outdoor Adventure and Recreation

Summer of Dance

Summer of Music

Summer of Sports

DTS Equip

As you can see, there is a lot going on! During your school you will have the opportunity to learn more about these programs, and to meet with many people who are deeply committed to missions and to seeing God glorified in all the nations.

Music and the performing arts have always had a special place here as well. There are many opportunities for you to use the artistic talents you might have to advance the gospel while surrounding yourself with people who are determined to use the arts to build the Kingdom of God.

Our staff and students come from many nations and denominational backgrounds. We want to use this diversity to make us stronger and complete a more accurate picture of the body of Christ. We strongly believe in the value of each individual and we know that our differences are a gift from God. During your stay, you can expect to discover how God wants to use your personality, desires and gifts in the midst of His body.  We hope that you will consider the possibility of a secondary school or even coming on staff following DTS.  Please be sure to be in communication with your school leaders or our academic advisers who are available to guide you in the process of pursuing your future as you pray about it in your time with us in DTS.


“To know God and make Him known” This is the missions statement for Youth With A Mission. We are an International Missions Organization that is dedicated to raising up and equipping  students to go out into the world to spread the gospel to those who do not know about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.



As a base we have 6 target nations that we have partnered with to see the growth of Gods kingdom, these countries are: Ukraine, India, Cambodia, Nepal, Taiwan, and Thailand. We have committed to come alongside them to help them fulfill the goals and visions they have for their countries. We do this by sending outreach teams, resources and staff teams.



YWAM  Lakeside is blessed with many different programs and resources at our disposal, because of this we have felt the Lord leading us to create what we call ” The Surge”. The purpose of the Surge is to give a big push to each of our target nation partners to meet their God-Given goals.




When listening to music in the dorm, please be sensitive to others with volume and type of music you are listening to, if you would like to listen to music loudly we suggest using headphones. Also please be sensitive to the music you play in public areas including the lecture hall, student center and cafeteria.

If you have instruments or music equipment of your own, please feel free to bring it. Please note that although there are many instruments on our campus, most are personally owned and therefore we cannot guarantee that instruments will be available for your use.


If you are planning on watching TV or Movies on your laptop or tablet we ask that you be mindful of the subject matter and language in the programs you are watching. If there is a lot of inappropriate language please use headphones.


Due to our strict Insurance Policy, absolutely NO candles are allowed in the dorm.


Smoking is not allowed at any time during your school or program.  Though it may be legal in your state, smoking or having marijuana is not allowed during your time here at YWAM Montana (this includes your outreach and debriefing week).  Illegal drugs are also prohibited during your stay here in Montana.  


When you are hiking or go on walks, please go in pairs or a group and let people know where you are going. (We do have some unfriendly wildlife in this area.) If you like to walk alone please don’t go to far off in the woods, and please tell someone what you are doing.


Students are not permitted to have firearms on campus.

  • The facilities shop, auto shop, creek, hospitality rooms and houses are off limits unless accompanied by a parent or supervising adult. • All bicycles/scooters are to be kept in designated areas. Don’t leave bikes and other toys in front of dorms or on the sidewalks. • Please don’t allow children to ride their bikes up and down the main entrance that leads into the campus. • Sling shots, BB guns, and similar instruments are not allowed on campus property. • Please make sure your children have the proper shoes to play in the gym. • Children under ten yrs old must be accompanied by a parent in the dining hall. They are not to go through the food serving line by themselves.



You are welcome to invite guests to come and visit you during your school, although we do ask that you run it by your school leader.

If you need housing for your guest it is your responsibility to contact the Hospitality Department to book a room. There is a suggested donation of $15-$25 per night which includes food in the cafeteria. To contact the Hospitality Department please call: 1(406)844-2653 or email

For guests not staying overnight, a donation for meals is recommended: $1 for breakfast and $2 for lunch and dinner. They can pay in the meal line.


At YWAM Montana,we feel extremely blessed to be able to offer some wonderful campus services:


Our Student Center is a great place to hang out with friends, play pool and sit around the fire place. We also have vending machines!


Our small prayer room is open 24 hours a day for those who enjoy a quiet place to spend with the Lord.


Our Library has many books available for check-out, as well as reference-only items. the Library also provides computers for students to use.


From awesome Lattes to tasty muffins, our snack bar offers great food and fellowship, it is centrally located on campus and open 6 days a week!


Each quarter (except summer) our small gym is host to a number of sports leagues you can participate in. Usually we offer volleyball, basketball and soccer.


Our weight room is outfitted with weight lifting equipment, a treadmill, a bike and much more. It is open throughout the day for those looking to get in or stay in great shape.


We have a coin operated laundry facility for your use. The washing machines (soap included) are .75 and dryers are .50 per load.


Lakeside isn’t what we’d call a thriving metropolis, you might find it difficult to find on your average map. Our community is situated 13 miles south of Kalispell in Northwest Montana, on the west shore of Flathead Lake.

When you come into lakeside on U.S. HWY 93 follow the signs for Blacktail Ski Mountain (follow the road around to the left at the grocery store) 1 mile and you will see us on the right.

When looking for an airport to fly into, we ask that you fly into Glacier Park International (FCA) which is located in Kalispell Mt. (please note, we will not be able to pick you up from any other airport other than FCA, if you intend to fly into Missoula you will need to find a ride to the base.)

Amtrak has a station in Whitefish (WFH) that we would be happy to pick you up from. Greyhound also has a route through Kalispell where we can pick you up as well.


The following information will help you and YWAM to follow IRS guidelines and restrictions:

YWAM is authorized to issue tax-deductible receipts for donations payable to “YWAM” or “Youth With A Mission” for the benefit of its ministries or the staff working in support of those ministries. By IRS regulations, YWAM is not allowed to issue tax-deductible receipts for funds given to benefit specific individuals not recognized as staff. This affects STUDENTS attending YWAM’s schools or events. Special note on taxes: We are not allowed as a 501(c)(3) Religious Non Profit to give tax write-offs for the tuition of programs. Our CPA, as well as the IRS regulations, are clear that we cannot give tax receipts for tuition/program related services. We are not accredited so we are not qualified for the Federal financial aid program under title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965, and we are not certified by the Department of Education. Therefore we are not allowed to send out 1098-T forms.


If you are giving funds to support a student attending one of YWAM’s schools or events, you may want to consider contributing to their local church who may be able to receive the money as a tax-deductible given toward the spiritual/educational development of one of its members. If you choose to make a donation towards a student’s tuition directly to YWAM, you will not be able to receive a tax-deductible receipt. To make a payment towards a student’s tuition, you should make the check out to YWAM. You can also make the check out to the individual, as long as the entire monetary amount is intended for tuition. The student will simply endorse this check, making it payable to YWAM, applying it toward the balance they owe. Please keep in mind that neither of these methods are tax-deductible.


Due to the banking system in the United States, all foreign bank drafts must be from a bank affiliated with another bank in the U.S. In addition, all bank drafts must have a routing code (routing numbers) on the bottom of the check. Any draft of check without a routing code will NOT be accepted as payment for any school, for any reason. GIVING TO YWAM All funds for the operation of YWAM ministries are tax-deductible. Your gift will be acknowledged with a tax-deductible receipt from our general offices. If you wish, you may specify an area of ministry where you would like your gift applied. Please state that on a separate piece of paper accompanying your gift.


One area that students find difficult to approach is raising the financial support needed for a school. Below are some suggestions you might find helpful.


(Phil. 4:19, Matt. 6:8, 7:8) We must remember that God is committed to and responsible for providing for our needs. He loves us and desires to give us good things. As we are obedient to His leading, we must trust Him to make the way for us. It is easy for us to look to others instead of God, putting pressures on those who are not responsible. We must keep in mind that God is our provider, and we need to trust Him to provide in unexpected ways.


(Heb. 2:2) Before you can effectively share with others, you must know what God is calling you to do. Pray over and define the vision and direction for your ministry, the circumstances that have led up to your call to DTS and how you feel this program will affect what you hope to do short and long term. It will also be helpful for you to understand the vision of our campus and why God is calling you to be a part of YWAM Montana Lakeside. As you become aware of what God has called you to, there will be a confidence and excitement in what you share. People want to support those who will be fruitful and make a difference.


People are not likely to support you unless they are aware you have a need. Personal contact, whenever possible, is the most effective means of communication. One thing to remember is that the more personal you can be the better. Relationship is the key. As you share your vision and needs with others, commit yourself to seeing their need met as well. Look for ways to serve and bless them. Your motivation must not be, “What can I get?” but, “What can I give?” Begin by calling and setting up appointments with those you feel are interested in what you are preparing to do. Ask God to show you those He would have you contact. Be sure to have some information regarding Youth With A Mission on hand to share with them. As you share, remember that God is your provider. Do not make people feel responsible for your needs. Most likely, they already feel weighed down by their own needs and responsibilities. Giving should be a blessing for them, not a burden.


In obeying God, we must be willing to make sacrifices ourselves. Sometimes God wants to see “just how willing” we are to obey Him. Many YWAMers have earned money for their tuition and expenses by selling their cars, furniture, stereos, etc. The rich young ruler was willing to serve God in a deeper way until Jesus asked him to sell his possessions. We must be willing to ask God if there are any possessions He would have us sell, and we must be willing to obey.



Zac Eastwood started serving with YWAM in 2006 with his wife and 2 sons. Most of his work over those years has been in DTS as he loves to work with young people and see them grow in their relationship with God and realize the power of the Gospel in their own life. Over the years, he has also been apart of starting new ministries involving prayer & worship, the arts, and further discipleship for staff and students. He loves doing ministry with his family to other countries and has been to Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Jamaica, Peru, Egypt, Turkey, and Kyrgyzstan.

Posts by Zac (1)

Hometown: Seattle, Washington

Hannah came to YWAM MT in 2005 to do DTS with her husband Zac and their 2 boys. They came back and started serving with the DTS department in 2006. Since then they have done a variety of things including working with the arts departments, and leading a prayer and worship ministry for a short time. Hannah is passionate about seeing people encounter the love of God and seeing them transformed as they walk in their God given identity. She longs to see a generation of young people passionate about Jesus released to preach the gospel all over the world. Hannah and Zac currently lead the DTS department and think they have the best job in the world.

Hometown: Seattle, Washington




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